7 Reasons You'll Love Radico Organic Hair Color

7 Reasons You'll Love Radico Organic Hair Color

For a moment, there was a craze about everything organic, until it became a norm and part of our daily lives. Of course, we believe that this is for the better, especially when products that claim to be organic truly are, on top of being safe and effective.

There are many products that can label themselves as organic, but we’re here to convince you on why you’ll love Radico’s organic hair colors.

1. The products are certified organic, vegan, and safe

Radico has obtained certifications from US, UK, and India-based organizations that prove its authenticity, so you never have to worry.

2. They are uniquely formulated

You’ll never find the formulation anywhere else! This is because Radico has put in the research to make sure that all the herbs, which serve as the dye’s ingredients, can altogether work harmoniously to create optimal results.

3. Pregnant women and those allergic to synthetic chemical hair colors need not worry

All components of the Radico Colour Me Hair Color are known not to pose any health threats, and it is deemed safe for use by pregnant women and allergic people. It is recommended, however, to still do a patch test to check if there are any adverse reactions to the natural ingredients in the product.

4. Aside from coloring, it also nourishes the hair

Instead of drying out and damaging your hair, the Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Color’s herbs such as henna, bhringraj, and hibiscus add pigment to the hair while strengthening it. These ingredients help you achieve your new hair color, while promoting growth and shine that will make your tresses look their healthiest.

5. You can use this on your own at home

You don’t need an expert to dye your hair. Applying our organic hair colors is as easy as doing a DIY project over your free time.

We’ve prepared a guide for you here: https://www.radico.ph/pages/how-to-use-radico.

6. Get multiple uses out of one box

Take it from our customers! With each box having 100g of product, it can last someone with short to medium length hair up to 2 to 3 uses. That’s bang for your buck, if we say so ourselves.

7. These products are easily available locally.

Whether you’re into online or physical shopping, getting the Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Color will not be a problem. You can get all 6 shades that are made available in the Philippines at Mercury Drug stores nationwide, select Watsons branches and The Marketplace branches in Metro Manila, Watsons Online, Lazada, and Shopee.

Have we convinced you yet? Our blog has many more hair and organic-related articles you might be interested in. Visit our website and social media accounts regularly for the latest updates at www.radico.ph and @radicoph

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