Mikee Federizo's Journey from Chemical to Organic Hair Care #AlagangRadico

Mikee Federizo's Journey from Chemical
to Organic Hair Care #AlagangRadico

We are starting a new segment in our blog, and it is called #AlagangRadico: My Organic Hair Care Journey.

We will be featuring Radico users about their hair history, what made them try Radico organic haircare products, and their hair transformation!

For this blog, we will feature Ms. Mikee Federizo, Co-Founder of LineaOrganica, the exclusive distributor of Radico organic hair care products in the Philippines!

💚 Q: Hi, Ms. Mikee! Can you tell us about your hair history?

Mikee: “My hair history is quite the normal type. It's what teenagers go through wherein we want to try different kinds of hairstyles, hair colors, and all these crazy things!

I started playing around with my hair when I was 15 years old when I had my hair first colored. It was brown with blonde highlights.

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Ever since then, I got into a cycle where I kept coloring my hair because of course, it would grow out and the black strands would be seen, so I'd have to color it again!

As I colored it more and more, I also had to treat it, and I would go back to the salon and get treatments like hair spa. At one point, I also did rebond, relax, perm—marami! I did a lot with my hair.”

💚 Q: What made you try Radico?

Mikee: “About three years ago, we were searching for hair color for my Mom, because she has a health condition wherein she is not supposed to use any chemicals in the products that she uses. So, when we discovered Radico, we were a bit skeptical at first, because it says: hundred percent organic, hundred percent herbs.

It's quite hard to think that such a product can actually color your hair, but I remember the first time that we used it—we were very impressed with the results.

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Of course, the effect of the hair color wasn't immediate, but the benefits were — because we saw that my Mom's hair was softer and shinier, so that's when we thought: "Why not bring this product to the Philippines?" and share this knowledge also to others.

My Mom's experience made us realize that we can actually bring in a beauty product that is a hundred percent organic and is good also for your health.”

💚 Q: What is your Radico hair care routine?

Mikee: “My first hair goal was to make my hair color even, so of course, I used the Radico Organic Hair Color. It was a process; it wasn't immediately colored, but I noticed that as I started using it—I think I used it every two weeks—and then after six boxes, that's when I really saw the results: my hair color was finally even!

After that, I just had to maintain it. I used Radico Organic Henna Powder which made my hair soft and shiny, and then after that, I used the Radico Organic 3-in-1 Hair Treatment which has Amla, Ritha, and Shikakai.

These three different herbs are actually in this one hair treatment product already, and you get all of the benefits like stronger hair and less hair fall. I just use that every month.”

💚 Q: What are the benefits that you got from using Radico?

Mikee: “Number one—no more split ends! That's actually one of my biggest hair problems before. I used to have to cut my hair all the time, because there were always split ends, but now I don't need to do that anymore.

Another one is less hair fall. Before, after showering, there would be a lot of hair in my brush, but now, there's no more hair fall.

Lastly, ito na 'yung hair ko ngayon.

I don't really do anything to it anymore! In fact, I don't even use conditioner but still, it's very soft, very shiny, very healthy!

My advice to all of those who are starting to get into organic is to be patient; I've been using Radico for about three years, and I'm really enjoying all of the benefits now, so just be patient, just continue doing your Radico Routine, and then you will also get the amazing benefits and results.”

We loved reading about the LineaOrganica Co-Founder Ms. Mikee Federizo's organic hair care journey! Did you see how soft and shiny her hair is compared to before? It goes to show that we have to invest time, consistency, and patience in taking care of our hair the way that she did! Thank you for sharing your story, Ms. Mikee!

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