We Tried The Organic Hair Color That’s 100% Made Of Herbs And Here’s What Happened

We Tried The Organic Hair Color That’s 100% Made Of Herbs And Here’s What Happened

Is it possible to achieve the color you want with a product that is made of purely herbs? As a beauty team that is obsessed with anything organic and natural, we decided to try it out for ourselves! Radico is known to be the top of mind for real organic hair care worldwide. To see how effective it is, we tried it on different hair types - white hair, dry hair, curly hair, bleached hair, and organically treated hair during our 1st ever Radico Hair Color Party last August 8. It’s the perfect date as we’re also celebrating the 1st anniversary of Radico in the Philippines since its official launch. Watch the video above to see how we did it Live and read the list below for our real hair transformations!


1. On thick grey hair using Radico Organic Hair Color in Soft Black (P990) and Herbal Henna (P680)

Curious how to use organic color on thick, grey hair? Ms. Ruby, LineaOrganica COO, showed us how to properly apply Radico in Soft Black on her sister-in-law. The Herbal Henna is normally used for treatment and conditioning, but it is also the perfect` base product for white/grey hair, as it coats and prepares the hair for darker shades. Because her hair is thick, it first came off as greenish in color near the roots as there is a lot of volume, but after a 24-hour oxidation, the results were perfectly even, beautiful black hair.

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2. On organically treated hair using Radico Organic Treatment Powder(P990)

Organically treated hair like Ms. Mikee’s has already restored back to its natural, healthy state. The LineaOrganica Managing Director has been using organic products on her hair for 3 years. Here she demonstrated how Radico’s Organic Hair Treatment Powder can make healthy hair even more nourished and lustrous. The results? Super shiny, silky soft, light and bouncy hair!

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3. On curly using Radico Organic Hair Color in Dark Brown (P990)

Ms. Arli, LineaOrganica Creative Head, has always had curly hair. She went through a series of rebonding treatments before that have straightened her hair, but also damaged it. Now that she’s embracing her natural hair type, she tried out Radico’s Organic Hair Color in Dark Brown to see how it will fair on her black locks. As with all hair color products that don’t have harmful bleaching agents, coloring a shade lighter than the current hair color will give little difference. Surprisingly, the organic hair color did more than just color her hair. Her curly locks became extra bouncy and soft.

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4. On bleached, colored hair using Radico Organic Hair Color in Dark Brown< (P990)

Bleaching to achieve light and bright colors is fun until it’s not. Ms. Tati, LineaOrganica’s Brand Marketing Manager has gone through different hair phases from platinum silver to purple. Unfortunately, her hair also went through different types of damages from thinning to breakage. So, what happens when chemically damaged hair meets organic hair color? “I like it so much!”, Tati exclaimed after seeing her dark brown hair. The color looked rich and healthier on her hair.

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Our LineaOrganica team had so much fun coloring our hair together! To answer the question, YES, the herbs worked! It’s amazing how hair color, when organic, not only colors the hair, but also treats it. Radico’s Hair Color Party was a unique experience that we’ll definitely do again. Next time, it could be with you! Want to join our next Radico Hair Color Party? Message us on Instagram (@RadicoPH) or Facebook (@Radico.Philippines)!

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Radico Organic Hair Color is currently on Buy 1 Get 1 this August 2020. Click here for the available shades.

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