7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Christmas day is almost here! It is the time of giving gifts and spending the holiday with the people you care about. If you still haven’t decided what gifts to buy or if you do not have the time to shop, do not worry LineaOrganica got your back! We rounded up the perfect organic beauty products for your beauty obsessed friends and family that they will surely love.

Check out our list below!

1. Radico Organic Hair Color

Price: 1,200 php

The first and only certified organic hair color in the world. Make sure to grab this Radico Organic Hair Color for your fashionista moms and aunties to restore their hair’s natural shine. You can choose among the 23 colors available.

2. Iva Natura Face Mask

Price: 990 php

Treat your siblings with the best selling Iva Natura’s black face mask that removes acne and blemishes. Use this 2 to 3 times a week and see its best results.

3. Naobay Body Radiance Lotion

Price: 1,320 php

Give this Naobay Radiant Lotion to your loved ones to deeply moisturizes their skin because of its natural ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil and shea butter.

4. Iva Natura Antioxidant Shower Gel

Price: 990 php

Make bath time even better with Iva Natura Antioxidant Shower Gel with Cayeli green tea leaves to refresh your body.

5. Iva Natura Makeup Cleansing Foam

Price: 1,190 php

For your kikay friends who love make up, they will absolutely love this Iva Natura Makeup Cleansing Foam! It removes make up in just one wash.

6. Iva Natura Hair Mask For Dry Hair

Price: 1,850 php

Give this Moisturizing Hair Mask from Iva Natura to every woman in your life. It is specially designed for people with dry hair. Use this 2 times a week to achieve best results.

7. Iva Natura Shampoo For Daily Care

Price: 1,250 php

Help your loved ones to have a healthy hair with this Iva Natura Shampoo Daily Care and say goodbye to frizzy hair.

The long wait is finally over, you can now shop online. Just visit our website lineaorganica.com and choose among the available payment options.

Wait! There’s more, if you buy any products from LineaOrganica, you can get a free customized message in the package. This promo will run from December 14 to 22, 2017. For inquiries, feel free to email us at sales@lineaorganica.com.

Happy shopping and enjoy your holiday!

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