8 Beauty Resolutions To Do This Year

It is now the season of self improvement and new year resolutions that we must commit. Maybe some of your past resolutions are major transformations that is why it is nearly impossible to do.  Don’t regret if you failed to do your last year’s resolution because new year means new chances! Below are the simplest new year resolutions that we know you can definitely commit!

1. Switch to Organic

This 2018, we should embrace beauty products that are organic. You can never go wrong when it comes to certified organic beauty products because it does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. Going organic will probably the best decision you can do this year.

2. Get More Beauty Sleep

Taking a lot of beauty sleep is like taking a bath to the fountain of youth. Fewer wrinkles, glowing complexion, healthier hair and brighter eyes are some of the benefits of beauty sleep. So, take a rest and let sleeping do the rest.

3. Add Eye Cream To Your Skin Care Routine

“Do I really need an eye cream?”, stop asking yourself this kind of question this year and start using organic eye creams! These eye creams are your best friend in removing your lines around your eyes.

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4. Always Moisturize Your Skin

This is a must when it comes to taking care of your skin. Moisturizing your skin can reduces skin problems and helps you to stay young. The best time to moisturize skin are after bath, shave and exfoliation.

5. Always Have Time To Wash your Face Every Night

Even though you are tired from work or from any of your daily activities, always lend a time to wash your face every night to maintain your healthy skin. Check out the bSoul Starter Kit to bring back your skin’s natural glow.

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6. Take Care Of Your Hair

With every hair dry, curling & ironing your hair and with all the hair treatments that you did last year, you must give your hair a break. Clean your scalp using organic shampoos like Iva Natura Nourishing Shampoo, comb your hair carefully and eat healthy food to have natural and healthy hair.

7. Putting Oil Is Not A Bad Thing

Moisturizers are good but applying oils on our skin is not a bad thing either. Oils can hydrate your skin, can balances you skin’s natural pH and are great for treating acne.

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8. Have A Healthy And Beautiful Lifestyle

Ditch eating junk food and start having a balanced diet to have a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Drink more water, pick exercises that you can enjoy, go for healthy fats and eat fruits and vegetables.

Cheers in having a more beautiful version of yourself this year. Happy 2018!

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