Beautiful Without Make-Up: Every Woman’s Dream

Pulling off a no-make-up look takes a lot of courage if your skin (like most of us) doesn’t feel like ‘ready’ for this trend. I bet you can’t remember how many wishing wells, shooting stars, wishbones, and birthday candles heard your one true wish: to be the fairest of them all… All kidding aside, the groundwork of having silky soft skin is to start accepting what you have today and what you need to do to solve the root cause of the skin problem. How? Begin with your SKIN CARE.

Let’s go a little scientific here. The skin’s defensive function depends on how undamaged our protective barrier is. Underneath, we have keratin and lipids that are ideally intact, however, due to external factors such as dirt, UV rays and excessive use of products in our face, we are damaging the integrity of these two, day by day. In a long run, the outer layer of our skin will become vulnerable, and as these xenobiotics (foreign substances) enter, the water inside our body, in turn, will go out. The skin will then become too dehydrated, thus produces excess oil that will create a new layer which makes our skin more posed to bacteria and results to further damage such as acne breakouts, blackheads and the like.

Now here comes the good news. Did you know that your skin only needs 2 important things – a balanced pH and proper hydration that will normalize our skin’s functions? Yup! You heard (or read) that right! Just two!

(from the left) Hydra Comfort, Hydra Face Scrub 3Action, Redness-sinergy and Hydra Milk Cleanser

1. Balance your pH with bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser

The normal pH of our skin is between 4.5 to 5.5. We need to keep it slightly acidic to prevent acne breakouts. Sad truth, correcting our pH takes longer than any other factors that cause our skin problems. But don’t worry! bSoul’s Hydra Milk Cleanser got your back! With its Argan and Rosehip oil content, this product can restore your pH, reduce your dark spots and even prevent skin aging.

I understand that our day can be so tiring. Who wouldn’t want to just jump off the bed after school or work and sleep the rest of the night? (Guilty!) But always remember that the most important part of a skin care routine is proper cleansing. So NEVER ever skip this step.

Just a tip, when you’re washing your face, try to do it slowly in a small circular motion for about 5 minutes or longer. Don’t forget to massage, massage, massage!

2. Let bSoul Hydra Comfort hydrate your skin properly

Grab yourself a lightweight cream that will effectively hydrate your skin from within. Its approach is different from the usual moisturizers as it fixes dermal dehydration, meaning, it balances the hydration from the inside, making the effect appear throughout your skin. This is surely a fool-proof moisturizer as it keeps you hydrated in a long run, not just after applying the product!

3. Ramp up your skin care with bSoul Hydra Face Scrub 3Action and Redness Sinergy

Once we achieved our goal of fixing the pH and hydration of our skin, let’s start toning down the redness and remove your dead skin by completing our physiological set. This step is optional, but why wouldn’t you give an extra effort for your #clearskin2018 dream?

4. If you’re feeling extra, you can add a serum to the list.

You can choose between 3 bSoul serums namely,

  • Photo-sinergy, which is more on the smoothening action. Use this if you have deep wrinkles and watch them soften overtime!
  • Uniform-sinergy, which reinforces your skin against free radicals (Oops! These are just factors that start to damage our skin cells). Use this if you have skin discoloration, or if you just want brighter-looking skin.
  • or Hydra-filler, which tightens your skin making you younger looking! It acts as a “filler” to your small wrinkles, especially around the eye and mouth area.

If you want to see an effect INSTANTLY (yes, you heard that right), you can also purchase our bSoul vials. These products are highly concentrated thus providing an immediate action.

(In the photo: Bx Plus and Hydra Night Mask)

We have 3 kinds of vials available:

  • Hydra Ultra Bright which is the most powerful serum in bSoul line. It instantly fades your dark spots and makes you fairer.
  • bX Plus, which is the miracle-product that will give you an instant botox effect. Banish wrinkles by lightly tapping bX plus around your eye area or achieve a v-shaped face by massaging your jawline (upwards) for about 3 minutes.
  • and lastly, you don’t have to worry about your sunburnt skin anymore because you can apply our Hydra Night Mask before going to bed and poof! No more redness!

I forgot to mention, all the products mentioned above are certified natural! Can you imagine how healthy your skin can be? Our goal is not just “to appear” beautiful but “to really be” beautiful.

Just be patient with your skin, give it the time it needs to heal properly and soon enough, you will be able to rock a woke-up-like-this look with this skin care routine!

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