Clever Gift Ideas for Your ‘Single’ Best Friends

Got friends going solo this Christmas? Remind them that being single doesn’t equate to loneliness when they got a thoughtful friend like you. Warm up their cold holiday season by giving them these amazing gifts that’ll remind them how much they’re loved!

Something for your fabulous career woman

Passionate and career-driven- such are the facets of an empowered woman. She takes responsibility for her own life, values her passions, and never forgets to take care of herself. She doesn’t need someone for her to know her worth. Keep her pretty and fab despite all the stress from work with Naobay’s line of organic and natural products. These products are beautifully packaged using eco-friendly materials making them perfect as gifts!

Something for your favorite bookworm

Got a friend who prefers to hold a book rather than someone’s hand? Give your single beshy something to snuggle up with during the cold December nights. Help her make the most of the Christmas weather by giving her a good book perfect with a warm cup of coffee or chocolate and a comfy blanket.

Something for that brave adventurer

They say that one must first learn to enjoy life as a single before entering into a relationship and girl! That’s one of the best things one can do. Why stress out yourself wondering where in the world your other half is when you can travel and enjoy the world yourself! Make sure that your friend is ready with beauty-essentials throughout her trip. Who knows? Maybe she’ll find love on her next adventure!

Something for the inspiring breadwinner

There are many reasons why people choose to be single. Some choose this path to focus on their first love- family. Being focused on taking care of her family, your friend might forget that it’s important to take care of herself too. Check out bSoul’s line of rejuvenating skin care products to find the best gift your friend deserves.

Something for that “ready-to-mingle” friend

Support that friend who’s got her schedule loaded with dates in search for her “the one”. Keep her ready for spontaneous coffee dates or for a possible love-at-first-sight moment by ensuring that she’s always prepped up from head to toe with Iva Natura.

Something that cares for her (unlike her ex).

Why let your friend be bitter about that ex who didn’t give her what she’s worth? Help her feel like the queen that she is with this gentle intimate cleanser that knows how to take care of a woman- gently and genuinely.

Something for that friend who’s trying to forget her ex.

When a friend gets her heart broken, our hearts break as well. We would often miss her usual happy self. We would even get worried when they seem to forget about taking care of themselves. Treat them to a one-of-a-kind hair make-over and help them achieve that #MovedOn glow!


Christmas is a season of love and everyone deserves love whether they’re single or in a relationship. Spread the love these holidays to your beshie, bes, bestie, mumsh, (or whatever you call your favorite gal) and give Linea on Christmas day!

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