Facts and Myths that you need to know about SPF!

Summer is on and we are in for it! As summer became a buzz and so does the word SPF. People are clamoring for it, since it is the #1 must have item in your beach bag or in general, for the summer.

In this entry we want to shed light about what really SPF is.

Okay, so SPF means “sun-protection factor”, it is the relative measure of how long your skin will be protected by your sunscreen. Philippines is blessed with a great amount of sun. However, it also means our skin is more susceptible to skin damage.

Here are the most common misconceptions about SPF to help you this summer:

1. The higher the SPF the better.

A lot of people think that the higher SPFs means a higher chance of protection . But it’s not! It is important to note that no sunscreen can 100% block UV rays. There really is not much of a difference between ultra-high SPFs to SPF 30 or 50. Always remember that protection against the sun does not increase proportionally with an increased SPF number.

2. “I used sunscreen, I’m 100% protected against the sun!”

Nope. That is 100% false! It is true that sunscreen really protects us. But against what? It is just limited to UVB rays, which are the cause of sunburn and skin cancer. Take note that you are not protected against the entire ultra violet light spectrum. There’s also UVA rays and it is the main reason for our wrinkles and deeper skin damages.

3. Tanning is good.

Being tan is your body’s response in being injured by UV exposure, a sign that the damage has been done. When your cell is expose to UV light it produce more melanin, which is a dark pigment that absorbs UV rays. However, it makes your skin tanner. Overexposure to sunlight also gives you higher percentage of getting a skin cancer. So stay away from sun as much as you can.

4. “I have dark skin, so I don’t need to worry.”

This is the greatest misconception! There are a lot of people that feel complacent having a dark skin because they don’t need to worry about the sun exposure. It is true that having a more pigmented skin color lowers the risk of skin cancer but it doesn’t mean that they are immune. So even if you have darker skin tone, you are still susceptible to skin damage and cancer.

The truth is, sunscreens are just an add-on as one of your protections against the sun. And although it minimally protects our skin against the UV rays, going out with it is better than going bare.

Here are some awesome suggestions that you can consider when choosing products that will keep you sun protected:

High Protection SunDay Morning Solar Cream are recommended for those who are very sensitive to sunlight

Apply Sun Cream directly to your face with Sole Bimbi Crema Solare

Never ever neglect the rest of your skin with Sole Bimbi Sun Milk!


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