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Hey, beauties! It’s time to start paying attention to what you’re putting on your face and skin. As much as I love make-ups (Trust me, I really love cosmetics), skincare is the best place to invest when it comes to your beauty routine.

Some of the beauty products that we’re using every day may be unhealthy to our skin as they contain ingredients like aluminum, sulphates, artificial colors, synthetic aromas, phthalates and parabens that have been linked to cancer, hormonal imbalances and skin problems.


Truth be told, there are a lot of natural and organic skin care products in the market these days that may make you doubt how effective and good those products can be. Here, we’ll help you find some healthy skin care products that will suffice your desired beauty from head to toe without harmful chemicals and without sacrificing your standards.

If that’s not enough reason to consider making the switch to all natural and organic user, maybe this Natural & Organic Beauty Talk on Getting to know IVA NATURA blog will help you get on the right track!



Beauties, Meet IVA! Our love for Iva Natura goes beyond the natural characteristics of special herbal components. Prepared with herbal essences and oils, cultivated in sheltered ecosystems far from the cities of Anatolia (Turkey) that not only survived the climate (some show resistance down to -40°C, some up to +45°C) but persistently flourish, into a beauty product that comes from NATURE.

Rest assured that IVA NATURA is eco-friendly, safe and effective as well as being guaranteed and verified by Cosmos Organic – ETKO, an international organic product certification company.


First, let’s talk about HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. Depending on your hair type, we can recommend some different products from IVA NATURA line.

Iva Natura’s Hair Care Products   


  • If you have a dry hair, IVA can help you with Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner to ensure the moisture balance of your hair and repair the dry hair.
  • To help you lessen your hair loss and gradually reduces gray hair, IVA can help you with For Gray Hair Black Shampoo.
  • And for your everyday use to provide right nutrients and moisture balance to your hair, IVA got you with Shampoo and Conditioner for Daily Care.
  • To complete the IVA hair products line, Iva’s Hair Mask can help you nourish your hair and to alleviate the appearance of breakage.

So, check out these products and treat your hair to something that’s so good whether long or short, curly or straight, all kinds of hair deserve proper care and pampering.


Now let’s talk about SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. Here with IVA you’ll find full collection of products that target unique concerns for your face. IVA got you with their:

Iva Natura’s Skin Care Products   


  • Cleansing products (Face Care Tonic and Make Up Cleansing Foam)
  • Smooth Cleansing Soap (Liquid Cleanser Soap)
  • Face Scrubs (Face Cream Peeling)
  • Masks products (Black Face Mask)
  • Face creams (Moisturizing Day and Night Cream, 3 Effect Eye Area Cream, Whitening Cream, Anti-aging cream, Anti-Acne and Anti-Blemish Cream)

I love make-ups, but there’s no substitute for clear and beautiful skin. Lucky for us, IVA got the perfect natural skincare treatment for all skin types.


To complete IVA NATURA’s line, let’s talk about their BODY CARE PRODUCTS. IVA got you with their:

Iva Natura’s Body Care Products


  • Two kinds of shower gel. First the Calming Shower Gel, that will help you minimize fatigue with its relaxing effect. Another one is the Antioxidant Shower Gel that will helps you refresh your body.
  • Liquid Cleanser Soap providing the face and body with smooth cleansing composition suitable for all skin types.
  • Massage Peeling Scrub that helps you to refresh the skin and get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion that helps maintain the moisture balance of the body.
  • Moisturizing Hand Cream that has unique smell and rich in Vitamin C that will help you moisturize your hands and ensure its daily care.
  • And lastly, the Foot Care Lotion which is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-viral contents that helps with the renewal and revitalization of the foot skin.

We hope you make the most out of your skincare routine because you’ll wear your SKIN for the rest of your life. People will stare so make it worth their while and be naturally beYOUtiful.



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