Why BSOUL BB Cream Is Not Your Typical Make-Up Base

In order to achieve natural looking skin, make up bases such as BB creams are invented just to help girls to have flawless looking skin. Many cosmetics company produces BB creams with just one major purpose – to cover blemishes. Blemish balms now plays a huge part to our whole make up shenanigans.  Because let’s be real here, BB cream is the real hero,

why spent a huge amount of time dabbing foundation to your face when you can rub a little bb cream and voilà! You’re good to go.

bSoul BB Cream is distinguished by its innovative completeness. This BB Cream is not your typical make up base and here are the reason why:

1. Restores pH level

This is the answer to your #ClearSkin2018. One of the main goal of this BB cream is to restore skin pH level as this will able to protect your skin from all the bacteria and pollution. The normal pH level is 5.5 anything beyond is too alkaline causing drier skin and a higher chance of wrinkles and  too acidic skin is more prone to breakouts.

Yes girls,  this the reason why breakouts and wrinkles happens. Remember girls, balanced pH means clear skin.

2. Gives your skin proper hydration

Our skin needs to be hydrated to work at their best, lack of hydration skin tends to be more dry and flaky. Proper hydration let our skin work properly in which this BB cream provides. Ain’t that magic?

3. A tinted moisturizer 

A lightweight formula but has the coverage of foundation? We say yes to this.

4. It blends with your skin tone

No need to check and swatch if it matches your skin tone because it is made for your skin. It will easily blend in with your skin, no matter what color it is.

5. It’s made up of all-natural ingredients

Best of all, it doesn’t contain any chemicals! This all-natural BB cream works like magic makeup – it allows the skin to normalize, restore and rejuvenate the skin to help recover and build its own defenses.

Where else can you get a BB cream that not only covers your imperfections but solves the root problem of it? This versatile BB cream is available in three shades (Caramel, Sand and Beige) that suits every Pinay skin tone.

The brand bSoul is produced at Tuscany, Italy where the timeless beauty of its past and the aesthetic beauty of the present meets.  It has the main aim to give results in a dynamic way to improved and help our skin to recover its ideal condition so that our skin is restored in all its natural beauty and vitality.

Shop -here- to have this BB cream included on your everyday beauty routine!

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