F.A.Q - Colour Foundation & Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use Radico Organic Henna Powder for my base. Should I switch to this product instead? 
- Yes, the Colour Foundation Treatment was especially made to be used as a base/primer before using Radico Organic Hair Color. It has unique ingredients that cleanse the hair and strip away the synthetic chemicals and oil residues left in the hair. It is a very good color primer for gray hair, as well as to help restore the health of the hair especially those that are very thin, damaged, and aging.

How is this different from Radico Organic Henna Powder?
- The Colour Foundation Treatment is composed of several powerful herbs. Organic Henna Powder is pure henna only. Both have an orange color shade effect, but the Colour Foundation Treatment herbs have cleansing and nourishing effects to help the hair regain its strength and beauty.

Can I use other Radico Organic Hair Color shades apart from Soft Black and Dark Brown with the Colour Foundation Treatment?
- Yes, it depends on the color that you want to achieve.
If you have gray hair and you prefer dark shades like Soft Black and Dark Brown, you may use this as a primer to avoid green, bluish, and purple outcomes to gray hair portions.
If you originally have natural dark colored hair, you may use this also as a primer to make a lighter orange or light reddish shade to your hair, then choose your preferred color like Burgundy, Mahogany, or Copper Brown.

Again, the results may vary for each individual. Discover the right color combination that will satisfy your choice using powerful and healthy herbs.

I don't have gray hair. Can I still use this to color my hair?
Yes. Although the Colour Foundation Treatment was made for those with gray hair, there are still hair types that are resistant to organic hair color. That is why the Colour Foundation Treatment is recommended for all with mature hair (age 30 and above).