Ingredients for Color Protect Shampoo


  • Beet extract + Corn starch: Improves hair moisture, increasing mechanical properties just after first application, resulting in a highly conditioned hair; protects the hair color from fading.
  • Organic Cocoa Extract: Deeply delivers moisture to the hair from roots to the ends, helping to control frizz. Also recommended for those with oily scalp since it helps regulate excess sebum. Increases hair smoothness, shine, and strength. Helps protect the hair from sun damage resulting to changes in hair color.
  • Organic Marigold Extract: Effectively moisturizes the scalp; helps to highlight hair color especially brown and dark tones and removes chlorine and salt build-up; nourishes hair follicles and helps repair hair damage.
  • Organic Aloe vera: Hydrates, softens, and refreshes; helps increase hair flexibility and promote hair growth; nourishes and revitalizes dyed hair