Product Description Radico Treatment Powder

A multi-purpose product with multi-benefits! A mix of 3 amazing herb powders—amla, ritha, and shikakai—this shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment powder restores hair health and nourishes the scalp to help address various problems such as hair fall, dandruff, dull and damaged hair, premature graying, and hair loss.

  • Intensive hair treatment for a healthier hair and scalp
  • Shampoo and conditioner-in-one for gentle cleansing to make hair more manageable and shiny
  • With 3 powerful herbs:
    • Amla: supports hair growth, strengthens the roots of the hair, conditions, moisturises, counteracts hair loss, and provides shine.
    • Ritha: a natural shampoo that helps promote hair growth and improves the texture and volume of the hair.
    • Shikakai: effectively cleanses, balances hair pH, detangles the hair and helps minimize dandruff.
  • Free from synthetic additives such as sulfates, silicones, and preservatives.

IMPORTANT: For those who are pregnant/lactating and who are allergic to synthetic chemical ingredients, this product is safe to use! It is MADE SAFE certified, which means that it was made free from ingredients known/suspected to harm human health. However, some people may be allergic to certain herbs, so we recommend that you do a Patch Test first on the skin and leave it there for at least 15 minutes to see if there will be any adverse reactions. If you have certain conditions too, it would be best to consult your doctor first.

Each resealable pack contains 100g of hair treatment powder.

Certifications: Ecocert COSMOS Organic, USDA Organic, UK Vegan Society, Made Safe