How To Use Colour Foundation Treatment

How to Use:

  1. Use the required quantity for your hair. You may also just apply on the roots/gray or white hair clusters, but we recommend that you apply it on your entire hair for even coloring and treating!
  2. Mix the powder with hot water in a ratio of 1:3 (1 part powder to 3 parts water) to achieve a ketchup-like consistency.
  3. Apply the paste immediately after mixing. Make sure that the hair has been cleansed (hair can be damp or even dry, but they must be clean). 
  4. Leave on for one hour.
  5. Rinse with running water, until the draining water is clear. You may proceed to apply Radico Organic Hair Color. Please refer to this page for more information. 

Caution: Avoid the product getting into the eyes.