Product Description Shaoyun Acne Skincare

The Shaoyun Acne Skincare Cream is made up of highly potent ingredients obtained from 22 Chinese medicinal herbs that protect the skin from the effects of dehydration and the environment. Having effective anti-inflammatory properties and reducing sebum production, this cream also enhances the resiliency of irritated areas affected by acne and helps to prevent rashes from recurring. The result is a visibly improved and smoother complexion. Disclaimer: This product is a certified natural skincare product and not a medicinal drug.

Best for: For oily, irritated, and blemished skin, especially acne-prone skin

Certification: ICADA Certified - This product meets the strict guidelines of ICADA, a premium label with strict requirements for authentic organic and natural cosmetics.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Chinese coptis root extract - displays protective effects in blemished skin