Product Description Shaoyun Ganoderma

Laugh lines need not be permanently visible with the Ganoderma Pearl Anti-Aging Gel, a natural skincare product based on traditional Chinese beauty lore. Made with exclusive Ganoderma and other precious ingredients and trace elements that promote regeneration of sensitive skin, it helps to reduce free radicals, accelerate cell regeneration and collagen production, and enhance skin's elasticity and resilience. Through these, the formation of age spots is considerably reduced. Its silk protein and hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin and keeps it fresh. This anti-aging gel also tightens the area around the eyes, leaving it more bright and youthful. Just a few drops of this gel is enough to give you a lasting radiance from morning to evening.

Best for: For all skin types; can be used too on the areas around the eyes

Certification: ICADA Certified - This product meets the strict guidelines of ICADA, a premium label with strict requirements for authentic organic and natural cosmetics.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Ganoderma - Has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, helps smooth lines and reduce free radical damage, and enhances cell turnover;
  • Silk protein - helps increase skin's elasticity, improve its metabolism, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and tightens the skin;
  • Jasmine - for moisturizing and anti-aging;
  • Pearl extract - for anti-aging