Product Description Shaoyun HyEm38

The Shaoyun HyEm 38 is a natural face cream with 24-hour moisture control and a very rich, rapidly absorbent and rehydrating concentrated formula. Dry, sensitive skin that is prone to flaking needs highly active conditioners to restore its natural firmness and health. HyEm38 combines the powers of nature in a highly active herbal complex containing abundant linoleic acid, vitamin E, unsaturated omega-6 and omega-9. Very well tolerated by the skin, it repairs, regenerates, and provides deep conditioning, leaving skin resilient, and smooth and supple to the touch. Disclaimer: This product is a certified natural skincare product and not a medicinal drug.

Best for: For dry, sensitive, and distressed skin, especially for rosacea-prone skin

Certification: ICADA Certified - This product meets the strict guidelines of ICADA, a premium label with strict requirements for authentic organic and natural cosmetics.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Jujube - an ancient Asian medicinal herb that moisturizes the skin and increases its resilience;
  • Grape seed extract - has antibacterial and antifungal properties;
  • Olive oil - has antioxidant properties and moisturizes and fights bacteria;
  • Evening primrose oil - has anti-inflammatory functions and helps smooth skin, improve elasticity, moisture, firmness, and fatigue resistance;
  • Shea butter - has anti-inflammatory and healing properties;
  • Green tea extract - has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and can help treat certain skin problems like rosacea and dermatitis;
  • Rose water - has anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve irritation caused by rosacea and eczema;
  • Witch hazel water - has anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve skin irritation (all from certified organic farms)