The Ultimate Organic Herb Collection

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Completely shift to organic hair with our premium Ultimate Organic Herb Collection which consists of the following herb powders in 100g each:


RADICO Organic Brahmi Powder: Packed with several benefits, this addresses premature hair fall and scalp irritation, improving the state of both the hair and the scalp.

RADICO Organic Amla Powder: If you have a problem with premature graying of hair and hair fall, the Radico Organic Amla Powder can help! Known as Indian gooseberry, amla is packed with antioxidants that help prevent premature graying and hair fall, strengthens the roots of the hair, conditions, moisturises, and provides shine.

RADICO Organic Ritha Powder: Regular use of Ritha supports hair growth, adds volume, and improves the natural hair structure.

RADICO Organic Methi Powder: Helps prevent hair fall and nourishes the hair, making it more lively and healthy.

RADICO Colorless Henna Powder: Deeply conditions the hair to give it natural shine and softness without silicones and other ingredients that build up on the hair and scalp, causing dandruff and greasy hair.

RADICO Organic Bhringraj Powder: A terrific hair treatment that rejuvenates the hair, giving it more life and shine. It also helps prevent graying and hair loss.

RADICO Organic Shikakai Powder: An amazing natural shampoo that also doubles as a conditioner or hair treatment, this powder is great against an itchy scalp, dandruff, and split ends. It seals hair cuticles, preventing unwanted breakage and locking in natural oils for softer, stronger, and more manageable hair.

RADICO 3-in-1 Hair Treatment Powder: A mix of 3 amazing herb powders—amla, ritha, and shikakai—this shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment powder restores hair health and nourishes the scalp to help address various problems such as hair fall, dandruff, dull and damaged hair, premature graying, and hair loss.

RADICO Organic Neem Powder: A natural and safe treatment to head lice. It also prevents new ones from hatching. Its other functions include revitalizing the scalp and addressing dandruff.


RADICO Organic Henna Powder: Naturally dyes the hair with shades of orange and brown while making the hair strong and shiny.

RADICO Organic Indigo Powder: Darken your hair color even more with Indigo! It has hair coloring, masking, toning, and antiseptic functions. It also helps treat dandruff, conditions and detangles, dry hair, helps prevent scalp infections, soothes the scalp, making hair more manageable, thick, and lustrous.

RADICO Colour Foundation & Treatment (Herbal Henna Powder): This is recommended to people who have used organic hair dye before but were not fully satisfied. Applying this before Radico Organic Hair Color will result to better dyeing effects.

Suggested Use: For hair color, please use Radico Colour Foundation & Treatment/Henna Powder as base first before applying Radico Organic Hair Color. Dye effects may vary from person to person. To know which base to use, send us a message at Radico PH Facebook Page or Instagram, so we can advise based on your current hair color, condition, and concerns. Meanwhile, for hair & scalp treatment, you may use two herb powders of your choice on separate days in a week. Alternate with other herbs every week.

Important: It is ideal for people with sensitive scalp and those allergic to regular hair color. However, some people may be allergic to herbs, so please do a patch test first to rule out any adverse reactions.